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wedeman and arwa damon. yesterday you were at the scene of probably what was then the most controversial attack, on a strike what israeli forces said was owned by a hamas official, a commander of an artillery unit. they said initially he had been killed and they stepped back from that. a number of members of a family, at least nine members of a family, were killed. what was the scene like? >> reporter: it was very intense. there was a lot of anger. there was a lot of frustration. and there was also a certain sense of resignation. people here have been through this before. and they fully expect to have to go through it once again. people were frantically digging through the rubble. some of them were even using their bare hands screaming for shovels, for anything they could possibly find. they were hoping to find survivors, but, of course, we now know that was not the case. >> reporter: we've got some of your report. let's play that. >> reporter: the large slab of concrete and mangled metal finally gives way. buried beneath it, another lifeless body. it's the second child we've seen. there
, including a mig fighter jet. if it is true, the military may be taking hits from its own weapons. cnn's arwa damon is on scene, and joins us next. ♪ ♪ [ engine revs ] ♪ [ male announcer ] oh what fun it is to ride. get the mercedes-benz on your wish list at the winter event going on now -- but hurry, the offer ends soon. of green giant vegetables it's easy to eat like a giant... ♪ and feel like a green giant. ♪ ho ho ho ♪ green giant why does my mouth feel dryer than i remember it to be? there are more people taking more medication, we may see more cavities, bad breath, oral irritation. a dry mouth sufferer doesn't have to suffer. i would recommend biotene. the enzymes in biotene products help supplement enzymes that are naturally in saliva. biotene helps moisten those areas that have become dry. those that are suffering can certainly benefit from biotene. constipated? yeah. mm. some laxatives like dulcolax can cause cramps. but phillips' caplets don't. they have magnesium. for effective relief of occasional constipation. thanks. [ phillips' lady ] live the regular life. phillips
what may occur over the next hour. we'll join wolf blitzer, my colleague in jerusalem. arwa damon, and ben wedeman, and we have someone from sanford university, joining us from new york and princeton university's anne marie slaughter and we'll talk to the israeli ambassador of the united states. wolf, what are you hearing about hillary clinton's activity. she landed in tel aviv and met with benjamin netanyahu, and later she will meet with mahmoud abbas and president morsi in israel. what are you hearing about the talks with netanyahu? >> they met about two hours with netanyahu, the defense minister, foreign minister, national security team. they spent two hours going over what's being released. the state department says she was briefed on the israeli position on all these issues. she wants to see a deescalation of what's going on, she uses the word a calm. they are avoiding the word cease-fire for right now but throughout the day, there is speculation coming from hamas and egyptian officials that they were close to a cease-fire. israelis downplaying the possibility. saying they we
-breaking developments to cover. we will get a report from arwa damon, one of the few reporters inside syria, right now. >>> in syria there's a sense of growing urgency and anxiety. we will get to why in a moment. first, i would like to show you some images that are quite frankly very disturbing and we want to warn you, extremely graphic. but above all, they are a reminder of why we care so much about this story. why we have been devoting so much time to covering it. we think it's important for the rest of the world to see what's happening to the syrian people. according to the opposition, a government air strike hit a residential area in south-central aleppo, killing 20 people and wounding dozens more. we blurred the most graphic details in the video, which appears to have been shot moments after the strike. you can see how thick the dust is in the air as men rush to the scene. like other videos posted from syria, cnn can't verify this one's authenticity. one of the first victims the men find is a child, a young boy who appears to be seriously wounded. but he's alive and talking and is asking for help
for a cease fire or for calming the hostilities. let's go to our senior international correspondent, arwa damon. what's going on? >> that's right, wolf. just a few moments ago in the span of a minute there around six or seven explosions we saw in the distance, balls of fire rising up. and then of course the sound rumbling across the city. they were pretty much across the entire horizon. there have been a fair amount of intense explosions here to say the least. one of the blasts happening just around the corner from our live location shaking the building, breaking glass. gaza residents have been saying that normally they would see this kind of intense activity in the later hours at 1:00, 2:00 in the morning. but we've really been seeing it ever since darkness fell on this night. we had been seeing earlier in the day rockets being fired here towards -- from here towards israel. after we saw one of them being fired we shortly heard from our jerusalem bureau that the sirens had gone off there. so most certainly any talk of a cease fire at this point in time just seems like it's really, really
. also here with me is arwa damon, ben wedeman, also fuad ajami joining us from new york. later on we will be joined by princeton university's ann marie slaughter as well as talking to the israeli ambassador to the united states. wolf, bring us up to speed on what you're hearing about hillary clinton's activities. she landed in tel aviv, met with prime minister benjamin netanyahu. later on she will meet with mahmoud abbas, then go to israel, to cairo, to meet with mohammed morsi. what are you hearing about what's come out of her talks with netanyahu? >> well, they met for about two hours, and it wasn't just with the prime minister, but the defense minister of israel, the foreign minister, the national security team. they spent two hours going over what's going on. the statement released by the state department says she was briefed on the israeli position on all these issues. she's making it clear she wants to see a deescalation of what's going on. she uses the word a calm. they are avoiding the word cease-fire for right now but throughout the day, as you know, there was speculation co
and as cnn's arwa damon reports, the rebels claiming this as a major victory. >> reporter: children on the back of a tractor made off with a sizable tangled lump of metal. what was all too often the cause of nightmares now a trophy of war. proudly shown off by this man. we want to take these pieces to show them to the other villages, he says. let them see what happened to these planes. everyone we speak to here describes the fear they felt any time they heard a jet overhead. for them, this is the greatest victory. one man who we spoke to said he was picking olives, saw the plane being hit and the two pilots ejecting. he says at that point everyone fanned out looking for them. he and others are telling us that one pilot was found unconscious with a head injury. video posted to youtube shows a man in military uniform seemingly unconscious being carried away. as a man offcamera states, here is the pilot who was shelling the houses of civilians. another clip is of him in a makeshift field clinic. head bandages, a voice says, this is the fate of your pilots, assad. this is not an isolate
interview in a moment. we begin with cnn's arwa damon live in gaza city. arwa, i had a fascinating conversation with president peres earlier. he's still saying that it could go either way but what is your sense on the ground about the likely prospects of a cease-fire and how long will the israelis give it before committing to a possible ground offensive? >> reporter: the likelihood of a cease-fire seems to be increasingly elusive the longer this does drag on, and all through the night, we have been hearing the sound of air strikes, some of them have actually shook the building that we're standing in. we have also been seeing rockets continuously being fired from gaza city, from the center of the city towards israel. not a lot of optimism on the ground here amongst residents of the city who have been through this on so many occasions in the past, that there will be any sort of cease-fire that is going to take effect in the near future, not to mention one that is going to take effect for the long term prospects of enduring peace between these two populations that have been at war for
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. cnn's a away -- arwa damon has more. >> reporter: there is a bouquet lying there amidst the rubble. it appears in this case, the target of the strike was the police station behind it. >> but after tense negotiations, u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton and egyptian president mohamed morsi announced a cease-fire. >> the united states welcomes the cease-fire in gaza. for it to hold, the rockets must end for it to create a broader calm. >> reporter: and israeli president benjamin netanyahu talks with reporters. >> i know there are those who expect an even more intense military response. and that may, perhaps, be needed. but at this time, the right thing for the state of israel is to exhaust this opportunity to obtain a long-term cease-fire. >> throughout gaza, celebration and gunfire rings out. the leader of hamas is defiant. >> israel, in all its goals have failed, thanks to god. >> reporter: and on the streets of gaza city, massive crowds and traffic. the tension, seemingly gone as people celebrate the cease-fire and leave their homes for the first time in days. >> i haven't see
, the city on edge. on some streets buildings were turned to rubble. cnn's arwa damon got a look at what's left behind. >> reporter: there used to be a small, fairly known shop here. selling wedding dresses. there's a bouquet lying there amidst the rubble. it appears in this case, the target of the strike was the police station behind it. >> but these evening local team after intense hours of negotiations u.s. secretary of state hillary clinton and egyptian president mohamed morsi announced a cease fire. >> the united states welcomes the cease-fire in gaza. for it to hold, the rockets must end for it to create a broader calm. >> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu talks with reporters. >> translator: i know there are nose who expect an even more intense military response, and that may, perhaps, be needed. but at this time the right thing for the state of israel is to exhaust this opportunity to obtain a long-term cease-fire. >> throughout gaza, celebration and gunfire rings out. the leader of hamas remains defiant. >> translator: israel, in all its goals, have failed, thanks to god
from all sides. christiane amanpour is live in jerusalem, arwa damon is on the ground in gaza city, richard plight again is in ashkelon in israel, jessica yellin is live in cambodia where secretary clinton has departed heading for the middle east. we begin with christiane. welcome. give us a sense of this new announcement from israel. how long do you think israel is waiting to silt on this halt before it would move forward with sending ground troops in? >> well, what was reported was that a senior government official in the loop close to the talks has confirmed to me this morning that after the latest intense round of conversations and meetings between prime minister netanyahu and his inner security cabinet, which went on into the early morning hours here jerusalem time, there has been a decision taken to hold on the ground offensive. to give time, he says, limited time to make the diplomatic solution work. that is their preferred option. however, he also adds that israeli military is prepared and continues to make its preparations in case, if and when, a decision is taken to escal
'll speak with cnn's arwa damon from northern syria later this hour. a federal judge is ordering tobacco companies to publicly admit they deceived americans about the dangers of smoking. the court ruled big tobacco should print on the box and advertisements. it's not clear if tobacco companies will appeal this decision. and the self-described king of motivation has died at the age of 86 years old. zig ziglar best known for his seminars and more than two dozen books on salesmanship. he died in dallas after getting pneumonia. he had quite an influence. he had 30 books or so over the course of his life. >> quite a following. thanks very much, lisa, for that. >>> republican raise eyebrows when he said he might break the anti-tax pledge. that statement could also draw him into getting a new primary opponent as far as his re-election is concerned. primary opponent who also happens to be a cnn contributor. we're going to speak to that contributor next. u stay with us, the more you save. and when you switch from another company to us, we even reward you for the time you spent there. genius. yeah
the carnage. we'll have our coverage of the cease-fire with arwa damon, who's live this morning for us in gaza. and arwa, we see the flags flying, the honking, the streets lined with cars. is it still the same situation right now? >> reporter: it most certainly is. we can give you an idea of what the street below us looks like, as masses of people following thursday midday prayers here are gathering in front of one of the government buildings. we've been hearing the speeches, listening to the messages coming from the loud speakers as well. people very much declaring this a victory, although this is a city and a population that most certainly has paid an incredibly heavy price. just to give you an idea, next to where the crowds are gathering down this main road in gaza city are the remains of what was once a residential home that was attacked a few days ago. we were here when that strike took place. it was massive. it shook the entire neighborhood. and so whilst on the one hand people are celebrating, they are saying that this was a victory for hamas, for the palestinians, that they did manage
hours, arwa damon is in gaza city. >> reporter: the large slab of concrete and mangled metal finally gives way. buried beneath it, another lifeless body. it's the second child we've seen. there was also a baby. others in the neighborhood say the blast killed all ten people who lived here. israel says it was targeting a man who heads a rocket launch unit. people we spoke with said they never heard of him. this was a family home. >> people here are telling us that so far those who have been killed in this strike have been women and children. and they have not been able to find any survivors. just moments ago, from that back corner, they did pull out the body of a tiny child. an over here there's another frantic effort under way. tempers easily flare as frustration and anger mount. >> she's my uncle's wife, this young man shouts. rage coupled with sorrow etched across his face. this is where she lived. her elderly body finally dug up and carried away. there are no air raid sirens or bunkers in gaza. this strike came with no warning. the rescue efforts are not always so hopeless. not far
, it is a very eerie feeling. a very strange feeling. the city appears, you know, very deserted, although as arwa damon pointed out people have nowhere else to go. they're all still here, they're just hiding inside. people are rarely going outside of their apartments except when they absolutely have to to try to get food or cooking oil or any kind of supplies they need. but shops are shut down. stores are shut down. you don't see a lot of people walking around the streets. and at night it's completely deserted. and people are out driving, driving very, very fast through the streets. but it's a very tricky time of the night to be going anywhere. >> that was earlier tonight on cnn. make sure you join anderson monday night, 8:00 eastern, again at 10:00 eastern for a special edition of "ac 360" live from gaza city. >>> israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he is prepared to significantly escalate military operations if the rockets coming from gaza don't stop falling. chief political anchor wolf blitzer has more on israel's iron dome defense system. >> the iron dome is really a very successfu
streets, buildings were turned to rubble. ar arwa damon got a look what's left behind. >> there used to be a small, rarely well known shop. selling wedding dresses, party dresses, a bouquet lying in the rubble. the target was the splice stati police station behind it. >> after intense negotiations, secretary of state clinton and president morsi announced a cease-fire. >> the united states welcomes a cease-fire in gaza for it to hold, the rocket attacks must end. >> a short time later, benjamin netanyahu talks with reporters. >> translator: i know there are those who expect an even more intense military response. and that may perhaps be needed. but at this time, the right thing for the state of israel is to exhaust this opportunity to obtain a long-term cease-fire. >> throughout gaza celebratory gunfire rings out. the leader of hamas remains defiant. >> translator: israel, in all of its goals have failed, thanks to god. >> and on the streets of gaza city, massive crowds and traffic. the tension seemingly gone as people celebrate the cease-fire and leave their homes for the first tim
city right now apparently growing larger and larger. let's go to arwa damon on the scene for us. set the scene, tell our viewers what's going on. >> reporter: well, wolf, if you were to look at the street below us 24 hours ago, you would have seen that it was utterly deserted. we're hearing sirens right now. and for the first time since this conflict began, it is not because they're heading to the scene of an air strike. there's a traffic jam down below. for some it is celebrating what they do view as being a victory for them. for others it is celebrating the fact that they quite simply are able to finally leave their homes for the first time since this all began. we were down there just a short while ago. entire families have packed themselves into their vehicles for the first time not because they are fleeing violence but quite simply because they can go outside without fear of perhaps being targeted in some sort of strike or finding themselves very close to where a strike was going to be taking place. we spoke to one father who said his children had begged him the minute they hear
yellin cambodia. >>> we want to take you to the conflict zone. we have arwa damon for us, she's live in gaza city. arwa, set the scene for me. what are you seeing? what are you hearing today? >> reporter: well, just a few moments ago, we heard some explosions in the distance. unclear at this point exactly what they were caused by. the streets behind me, the streets of gaza city, still remain to be as deserted as they have been since this conflict began. there are very few people out and about. the vast majority of the shops are closed. walking through there, one does get the sense that this is a war zone, and one would assume that perhaps the residents had fled seeking safer ground. only the reality for those living here is that they have nowhere to go. the israelis will not let them in, and it is incredibly difficult to get a permit to be able to cross into egypt. so a lot of people cowering, crowded inside their homes, hoping that that cease-fire will somehow be accomplished to at least provide them with a brief respite from the bombing. but they're really at this point in time is
peace negotiator. on both sides of the border, people are living and dying among the explosions. arwa dame season is in gaza. tell our viewers what you've seen today. >> reporter: throughout the day, we were seeing on different occasions rockets being fired from here towards israel. there were also a number of air strikes and other attacks that did take place. there's a building behind me that's about 15 stories tall. we saw it being hit by three missiles. it would seem that the target was the head of the media office of the military wing of islamic jihad. he was killed, we're later told, by palestinian sources. another man also killed in that attack as well. seemingly he died of a heart attack. he was a christian. also in that attack, two children were wounded, wolf. and we do keep seeing, again, the civilians bearing the brunt of this conflict. a lot of women and children have, of course, been killed, been wounded as well. so far on this side of the border, more than 100 people have been killed. and right now, the streets are completely deserted, as they have been from the moment th
, not on youtube. also what the captors are wearing would not normally be found in syria. arwa damon joins us now. the parents talked to reporters a short time ago. what did they say? >> they had one really straightforward point, and that was a plea to anyone who may have any information on the whereabouts of their john, who may be able to help them bring him back home safely. austin crossed into syria illegally from turkey earlier in the year, went missing in mid august on the outskirts of damascus. his parents are saying that they are reaching out, both directly and indirectly, and have been to the syrian government. the syrian government, according to his parents saying that they have no information on the whereabouts of their son. they have also been reaching out to various other groups inside syria. they had been able to retrace austin's last steps to that damascus suburb, but since then, he has not been heard of. the questions raised in this video, because of the questions regarding its authenticity have led some people, including some people in the state department, to believe that the syr
. >> questions on both sides and around the world. how long can peace last? i want to go now to cnn's arwa damon in gaza city. arwa, what's the atmosphere like in gaza city, and is there a sense that hamas has strengthened its position through the last eight or nine days? >> reporter: there is to a certain degree if you look at the terms of the cease-fire. at the very least, it does state israel most open its border crossings. we don't know what it will translate to at this stage. but from the people we speak to here, they do feel that this time around, the israelis, yes, it was indirectly, but they were forced to come to an agreement via the mediator, versus four years ago. the mood on the street here earlier was one of celebration. some people celebrating the fact that they do view this as being a victory over israel as having stood up in the face of what they describe to be israeli aggression, but for others, it was celebrating the fact that after days of bombardment, they were able to just go outside. >> yes, you can see the pictures here of people looking jubilant, probably just getting out
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. syrians of all ages are now living with the scars of war. we have a report from arwa damon. it contains pictures some viewers may find disturbing. >> like many other boys his age, 11-year-old abdu wanted to be a professional soccer player when he grew up, but like so many others in his homeland of syria, the violence shattered his dream. >> reporter: he doesn't say much beyond that. at times, simply nodding or smiling sweetly in response, or seemingly lost in his memories. tears he can't control fall silently. the thoughts of what his baby brother endured are so much for the 21-year-old. >> mom woke me up, stand up immediately. what's happening? she said, he went out and the airplane is roaming, circulating above, and you need to get him back to the house. >> omar was too late. he found his brother in the hospital. >> once he saw me, he shouted, "omar!" shouted with all his strength. when i got closer, i saw his leg and i just started crying for around five hours. >> reporter: his leg was amputated, in a makeshift field hospital, the basement of a mosque. >> after he woke up, i was cryi
shows graphic and disturbing video ofs atrocities. some viewers may consider it very disturbing. as arwa damon reports, heinous attacks may have become too familiar in syria. >> reporter: this is video from earlier this year. they crawled through holes and find an entire family killed by regime forces they say. a woman's body lies on the floor. in the room next to it bodies crowded into the corner. more dead are in the bathroom. a small voice whimpers from another room. a child comes into view crawling over a body. he's the only survivor. the assad regime has always maintained they are targeting terrorists seeking to overthrow the government. but there are a horrifying stream of daily videos, none of which can be independently con firmted by cnn to show atroci atrocities carried out that the the opposition claims show no mercy. not even to those already dead. here wha appeared to be fighters dragging a man's body into a truck. and in this video, corpses are used for target practice. images like these in syria. and now a growing number of videos alleging to show similar war crimes carried
exchange of fire between the two countries in more than 40 years. arwa damon is joining us. they were wearing suits and looked very official but can this new applied group actual succeed? >> ashleigh, this is being viewed as a first step, although a positive one. let's look at the leadership of this new coalition. its head was the former famous mosques in damascus. he's considered a moderate, someone who has continually preached unity. very instrumental in the creation of this coalition, he's a very prominent businessman from damascus skas well. the other person, a woman. all three of these individuals have either during this revolution against the syrian regime or in the past been gelled by the assad government. initially the response that we're hearing from opposition activists inside syria is that they are welcoming this development because it is about time that the opposition provide the international community, provide key global leaders who want to help the syrian rebellion, a unified front that they can, in fact, negotiate with perhaps more importantly, ashleigh, get certain gu
at the house. they were all killed. our arwa damon was on the scene, saw a number of children's bodies removed from the wreckage and talked to ambulance crews who said as many as ten people were killed although there's one report now saying 11 people were killed in the blast. we know ten members of one family, also two media centers. whoa. that was a rather large explosion. that occurred -- look out here, i can't actually see where the impact of that was. it's actually set off a number of car alarms. but that was probably the largest explosion we have heard just in the past, really in the past hour. there have been a number of explosions in the last hour or two, but that one was pretty loud. we actually -- the rockets continue to be fired from gaza toward israel about three or four hours ago, there was actually a quite large rocket fired very close to -- very close to the building where we are right now. >> stay with us here. you said that was the biggest blast you have heard since you have been there. it was quite shocking to see what just happened. >> yeah, it was loud. i mean, i can't tell
're trying to find shelter. arwa damon has the story of what it's like on the ground. >> reporter: this is the first family we came across. barreling down the road. all they knew was that they did not dare stay at home. we left without knowing where to go, she tells us, cradling her 4-month-old. they could hear explosions as they fled. what caused the mass exodus was the israeli army dropping leaflets, warning residents in certain areas, they needed to depart immediately for gaza city. and the leaflet even indicates specifically which routes they should take to stay safe. and though few believed the israelis, leaving was a better option than staying behind. she says, their house was hit a few days ago. this is the second school they have actually gone to, looking for a safe place to stay. but it obviously was full, as well. and now we're going with them to try out a third one. it's already packed. people angrily move benches, staking their claim. there is another school, a young man gestures, come with me. amidst the frantic search, fear. four years ago, the last time israel launc
fragile truce with arwa damon live with us this morning in gaza city. arwa, i think i hear horns honking. is the celebration there continuing where you are? >> reporter: it is. although the crowds have tapered off a little bit. but it is pretty incredible when you look at the street down below us and compare it to what the situation was like 24 hours ago, when you would hardly see a single person outside and most of the shops were shut. you can see very close to where people were gathering, celebrating what they're calling a victory. just one of the many locations that were bombed during this most recent conflict. that was, in fact, a residential home. the israelis, when they struck it later on, saying that they believe that it was being used by a senior hamas commander as an intelligence operations center. but people, ever since the cease-fire was announced, were taking to the streets. many of them saying that they were celebrating the victory. they are calling this a victory for hamas, for palestine, that they are able to withstand israeli aggression. others celebrating the fact after
. that all commercial flights in and out of damascus are grounded for now. i want to -- arwa damon is joining us from syria. arwa, what are you seeing from your vantage point there? what is going on? are people able to communicate? are they panicked? >> they are not able to communicate and that is providing -- creating, rather, the obvious challenges. not to mention just people want to communicate to their families, make sure that they're okay. also, for opposition activists who naturally rely on the internet to upload those youtube videos and for the rebel fighters themselves because they do not have sophisticated military technology. long range radios, for example, and so oven times they use cell phones to insure that certain routes are still secure. this most certainly is having a very devastating impact creating a lot more challenges on the ground here in syria. you know, we are in the northern part of the province. we're in aleppo earlier today where people -- to add to the long list of difficulties that they face on a day to day basis are now facing these ongoing outages as well. >> arw
to have compassion in their family. >> arwa, it is heartbreaking when you see this kind of thing unfolding. you have this shaky video that surfaces on youtube showing who they believe, i guess, is tyce surround bid armed men walking him up a hill. what do we know about how he is or where he is. >> unfortunately very little, and that is what has been incredibly difficult for his parents. just this information point that exists on where their son is and who actually has them. now, the video that you are referencing there actually raised a lot of questions. it wasn't posted like most extremist videos on jihady web sites. it was posted anonymously. when being viewed by experts on the matter, that the men who were holding and moving austin tyce along were wearing that did not match the dress that most extremists would be wearing inside a place like syria, for example. as some people have speculated that he is, in fact, in the custody of the syrian government. now, we asked his parents at the press conference earlier today if they had been able to reach out to the syrian government. they said th
coalessed. they have not been together. it's a big problem. arwa damon has a report for us this morning. i think we've got her. arwa? >> reporter: yes, that's right. and what they're trying to accomplish right now is put together a body that all syrians are going to be able to feel is an accurate representation of themselves, but of the revolution itself. so far what they've been able to come towards has been something that is being viewed as a positive step. the president of this coalition, for example, he is, yes, a sunni imam. a former imam. he used to preach at one of the main mosques in damascus. but he's most certainly viewed as being a moderate muslim. very well loved by his followers. someone who preaches unity of all of the various sects that exist within syria. his two deputies, one of them a very prominent businessman, the other one a woman who herself is well known of being an advocate of women's rights. the big challenge right now is going to see how much influence they're able to exert over the syrian battlefield. and, of course, whether or not they will gain that much-needed
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